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Radiant Defense

Raise your hand if you’re addicted skincare…hi, yup, me too. Is there anything better than going to bed looking like a greased chicken tender and waking up with supple, glowy, gorgeous skin?! NO, take my money!

Not long ago I was introduced to Rodan and Fields. I had heard about it before through Facebook, but never really gave it a chance amongst the other skincare I was already committed to. But as soon as I tried it, I understood what the hype was about, saw the Rodan and Fields results and there was no going back. Rodan and Fields has proven the best results I have ever received with any skincare products in all my years of life on this Earth- I swear!!

If you’re considering investing in your skincare, this is the brand to do it with! They offer a 60-day money back guarantee on ANY product. If you’re not happy, send it back, even if you’ve used the whole bottle! Rodan and Fields WORKS and these are the current products I swear by and can’t live without. 

Rodan and Fields Must-Have Products

  1. Reverse Brightening Regimen:

My personal experience with Reverse Brightening was AMAZING!! I have never experienced the texture of my skin change the way it did with this product. I felt glowy, smooth and even every single day. Pro tip, if you have occasional breakouts the Retinol and Vitamin C formula act double as a great way to dry those up.

In this regimen, you’ll receive four products that will turn your dull skin into a glowing ray of healthy sunshine. Follow the labeled bottles to know what order to apply every morning and every night.

Reverse Brightening also has a sister regimen, Reverse Lightening Regimen. If you are suffering from severe sun damage, age spots, or skin pigmentation, this one’s for you! Same steps, different formula to take it even one step further.

Rodan and Fields Reverse

2. Rodan and Fields Lash Boost 

Rodan and Fields Lash Boost is a GAME CHANGER for this company. If you want to wake up everyday feeling like a butterfly with your lashes flapping in the wind, then this is for you! I promise you this product works! Within a month you will see new growth and within two months your lashes will be a whole different level, seriously I can’t say enough amazing things about this product.

Rodan and Fields Lash Boost

3. Active Hydration Serum:

We all love a serum these days. But what I love more, is a serum that works after ONE day. This serum is packed with Hyaluronic Acid and is seriously a Godsend for dry, deflated skin. I use this in addition to my regimen every morning and night and I never have to worry about dryness. Extend this down your neck and chest (as you should with all your skincare!!) to see a real difference there too. I’m a side sleeper and this makes a dramatic difference for lines on my neck and chest.

Active Hydration Serum

4. Lip Renewing Serum:

Winter is around the corner and nothing is worse than a crusty lip. This serum is the secret weapon you need all year, but especially during cold seasons. After 10 days of use not only are your lips more hydrated than they have ever been but the lines in your lips are fully plumped and smooth! Be prepared for compliments and the occasional ask of where you got your lips done. Apply every night and you will see a difference almost immediately in the fullness and juiciness of your lips. This is a FAVORITE of mine!

Rodan and Fields Lip Renewal Serum

5. Radiant Defense SPF 30:

The latest product from Rodan and Fields is the Radiant Defense perfecting liquid. This is the first ever dermacosmetic product that is the last step in your morning routine (replacing your liquid makeup step) and will keep your skin more moisturized and flawless than when you applied. I was SO impressed by this product when I first tried it, the coverage was buildable, the texture is velvety. It is the perfect everyday face to round out your skincare routine.

Rodan and Fields has created a shade matcher tool you can use to determine your best shade before purchasing here.

Radiant Defense

Again, Rodan and Fields believes in their products so strongly, they have a 60-day money back guarantee on ALL products whether they have been used or not. This is a company that believes in their products. Keep that in mind as you’re shopping….but I’m guessing you won’t need it 🙂  


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