How to Heal Chapped Lips in Winter

It’s winter and if you are like me, that means your skin is so dry any sudden movement will cause cracks. The biggest culprit for me is always my lips! Your lips are constantly exposed to the elements and can get so dry they crack and bleed during these cold seasons. I am on a mission this year to find the perfect combination to eliminate dry lips and the pain that comes with it this season. Follow my steps below for plump, luscious lips ALL YEAR LONG!

Four Steps to Heal Chapped Lips


Like any other area of your body, the first step to making sure hydration is able to penetrate your lips is exfoliation. Exfoliating is truly the key step to making sure the healing process can start for your chapped lips.  

There are some great lip scrubs you can buy (linked a couple below), BUT my favorite thing is to make a quick scrub weekly from everyday things you have in your kitchen! Save your dolla bills on this step and simply mix together some olive oil and sugar OR honey and sugar for an instant and natural lip scrub.  

Take a dollop of honey, or a couple tablespoons of olive oil and mix with sugar until you have a nice blend (you should only need a small spoonful of sugar for this!).  Apply the mixture to your lips and scrub gently for 30 seconds. Rinse off with warm water and reveal your freshly exfoliated lips!

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After exfoliating, immediately follow up with a hydrating serum. I recommend the Lip Renewal Serum from Rodan and Fields. This is a product formulated to penetrate the skin and heal lips on a cellular level, not just hold moisture in like most lip balms do. To truly heal the skin you want to make sure your product is penetrating the skin not just sitting on top of the skin. This is why step one is SO important if you have dead skin sitting on your lips product will not be effective in healing the healthy skin beneath it!

Rodan and Fields Lip Renewal Serum comes with 60 individual capsules to use every night with your nighttime skin routine. I like using the product at night best because it allows the product to stay on your lips all night and gives the product hours to sink in a really do its job! Wake up in the morning feeling hydrated and plumped and ready to start your day.

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The last step is masking! After applying a serum that really penetrates and sinks into the skin, we want to apply something that is going to lock in the moisture. I love applying a really thick lip mask as the final step to seal in every ounce of hydration. Again, applying this at night is going to let the product really sit on your lips for a full 8 hours without being rubbed off through eating or drinking.

The key to finding a good mask is finding something that is thick and will stay in place. My favorite is the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. When I apply this at night, it is still on my lips in the morning when I wake up. It is the real deal and an important step in keeping your lips healthy all winter long!

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The last step is to drink water, get a good night of sleep and REPEAT the steps above honey! Say it with me, exfoliate, hydrate, mask, REPEAT!

Winter elements are persistent, but so are we and we will NOT have flaky, chapped lips this season. No thank you!

Shop my favorite lip products to get you through all hours of the day and resist flaky lips below: 


Any other tips to fight dry lips? Share in the comments below.


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