Save $500 While You Sleep

Do you feel like you need help saving money? Is saving money something you know you “should” do but never seems to happen?

I was in the same boat until I was introduced to an amazing tool that started to do all the work for me. I wanted to prioritize saving money, but with each paycheck that went by, I had nothing to show for it and seemed like I had no room to cut back anywhere and redirect to my savings. Until Digit.

A close friend originally introduced me to Digit while we were at lunch chatting about money and the struggle to get ahead. She explained how easy it was and I was hooked! A secure app that syncs to my bank account and automatically manages my savings, goals and updating me on my checking account?! It was exactly what I had been looking for and I’ve grown to appreciate the app more and more as time passes!

5 Reasons to Use Digit

Digit Does All the Work

The best part about using Digit, is once you have your bank account synced and your settings set, it does ALL the work for you. Seriously!! You will not even notice the dollars and cents it moves over to your savings goals as you go through the week. Set your goals, set a timeline and Digit will track your spending habits to move money over little by little so you can save, literally in your sleep!

Set Goals  

Digit encourages you to set goals with a deadline date and amount to help you save for upcoming life events. Have a vacation coming up? Save an extra chunk of money to do something special. Have credit card debt? Digit helps you set goals to pay that off on a timeline as well. Once you’re set up, Digit takes over! Let them help you crush your money goals this year.

Protect Yourself & Always Know Where You’re At

One of my FAVORITE features of Digit is the low balance protection plan. Do you ever lose track of where your checking account is on accident? Forgot about that auto payment on that workout app and went shopping a little too hard? Yeah, that used to be me too. But now, I’ve set up a low balance protection plan with Digit. If my account ever drops below the amount I set (the app suggests $50-$100) Digit will automatically move some money into your account from the savings it has done for you to make sure you’re covered.

In addition, Digit will send you a daily text message to let you know where your balance is. Every day you will start knowing exactly where you at. There is no more guessing! Want to know how much Digit has saved for you each day? Open the app and it will tell you just how much it was able to pull for you – it’s so exciting!

Unlimited Withdraws

But what happens when Digit pulls too much money and something comes up you don’t have money for? No sweat! Digit is just moving YOUR money to a safe place to help you save. If you need it, it’s YOURS. There is an unlimited number of withdraws from the app so if you feel like they’ve done too much, move your money back over. There are never any penalties for transferring money back to your checking account. Digit will pay attention to your money needs and adjust itself from there for next time as well.

No Account Minimums

No goal is too big or too small. Unlike other savings accounts, Digit has no account minimums. If you want to save $5, $10, $1000 – Digit is cheering you on the whole way. Set your goals and meet them with this incredible app!

I have grown to love my Digit updates and it has brought me peace of mind to know I’m saving without the effort. Sign up for Digit now (for Free!!) and rest easy knowing your saving, even while you sleep.

If you use Digit, let me know below!


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