How to Style a Blazer

Blazers are one of my favorite ways to elevate an outfit. There are many styles you can try for different occasions but in every case, they can be a great finishing touch to tie everything together. So if you feel like you’re a little stumped on what works or how to style a blazer for yourself, you’re in the right place! Let’s chat about work/professional blazers vs. casual blazers and how to shop for them and style them.

If you’re looking to add a couple blazers to your wardrobe, fit and style are two important elements to look at to consider what is right for which occasion.

How to find the Best Blazer for Work

A good blazer that you can wear to the office or in a professional environment is going to be classic, structured and sleek with minimal flashy hardware or design elements. When shopping for the best blazer for work, paying attention to the shape, material and length will be good guidelines to determining whether you blazer is professional or better kept in your closet for casual occasions.

Things to Look for When Shopping for a Professional Blazer:

  1. How does it fit in the shoulders?
    1. A proper fitting blazer should create a strong but not overpowering shape. The seam where the shoulders meets the sleeve should sit perfectly at the edge of the shoulder to create clean, sharp shoulders.
  2. If there are button closures, does it close without pulling?
    1. In most cases you likely will style your blazer open with a blouse or dress under it in a professional setting. However, to find the best fit, the buttons should be able to close and lay flat without pulling or bunching. Test this when trying on to make sure you have the right size!
  3. Check out the seams
    1. Seams can be a great optical illusion and help keep your figure in a blazer. Look for structural seams that help cinch the waist in and also look for seams that run vertically to help elongate the body.

I believe every woman should have a strong blazer in their wardrobe for when you need to look and feel like the boss! Browse some of my favorite blazers for work below.

The Best Casual Blazers

I personally often dress more on the casual side in my daily life and casual blazers are some of my FAVORITE pieces in my closet. A casual blazer can be thrown on over a tshirt, over a sundress, over jeans, over shorts, over a crop top, etc. The options are endless! A casual blazer can make a statement with fun elements like belts, interesting patterns or fun sleeves. Dressing a blazer casually can be a great way to play up some current trends!  

When you are looking for a casual blazer to incorporate into your wardrobe, look for a more relaxed fit, maybe something slightly longer or cropped that is going to add something more interesting than your work blazer. I love to find blazers with a bit of a padded shoulder and bold hardware or buttons to add a more bold and dramatic look instantly to any casual outfit.  

Blazers are everywhere this season and a great transitional piece from winter to spring. Swap out your heavy winter coats for a fun blazer for style and function. Shop the best casual blazers below.

How to Style a Blazer

Need some inspiration on how I would wear these looks? See what I would pair with both a work blazer and a casual blazer here.

Work Blazer

Casual Blazer

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