Total Wardrobe Revamp

$200.00 $125.00

Feel like you need a total wardrobe makeover? Maybe you started a new job that requires a new look or you just feel like a fresh start, this is the option for you! I’ll help you go through what you own, get rid of what’s not serving you and find the missing pieces you need to create a functional, long lasting wardrobe you feel great in.


How It Works:Β 

The Total Wardrobe Revamp package allows you to meet with me virtually to go through your closet and build a lasting, functional wardrobe. You won’t be saying “I have nothing to wear” anymore!

What You Get:Β 

  • An introductory survey to understand your style goals, body type, budget, personal style preferences and more
  • A 60-minute virtual meeting with me to go through your current wardrobe and evaluate what stays, what goes and what you need
  • A full breakdown of your updated personal style including a mood board, curated shopping list and a style guide to show you exactly how to style your new wardrobe


*Note, this package requires you buy a minimum of five items from the curated shopping list provided in addition to the initial $200 fee. Your budget for these items will be set by you in the introductory survey.


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